What is a seatfiller?

A seatfiller fills all empty seats for major award shows or any televised special, so when the cameras do shots of the audience, they don’t see any empty seats. There are sometimes people that just don’t show up for the show and we are also pulling talent backstage to perform or present an award, leaving these seats empty. You would fill these seats while the celebrity talent is back stage and when they return, you would hop up and we would move you to another seat. Sometimes you get lucky and never have to move, filling that seat all night, and sometimes you may move several times. Consider it a game of musical chairs, but you are normally down in the best seats in the house.

What do I need to do to become a Seatfiller?

  1. You need to register with seatfillersandmore.com so that you can apply online for a listed show.
  2. You need to send in a standard work resume or a letter of introduction telling us why you want to be a seatfiller, and a photo of yourself, preferably a full body picture, that is clear and taken close (does not have to be professional). You can upload your photo to your file and email your resume or letter of introduction to [email protected]

I am using my cell phone and cant see what shows are available to sign up for.

When using your cell phone, sign on to your account and once logged on, turn your phone side ways and click on the 3 lines that are at the top, right corner of your screen.  This will open up the menu of the website and then Click on Upcoming Shows to see available events.

When trying to upload my photo, I cant get it to work.

If you are using Microsoft Explorer as your web browser, then we recommend that you try a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox as Microsoft Explorer seems to be having issues.  You can also open up the file on your computer that contains your photo and then click and drag it from your computer to the photo page on the website and allow it to upload.  Once uploaded, click Submit on the lower, right hand side of the screen to proceed.  We highly recommend that you do not use your cell phone to sign up for a new account.

Once I signup on line, when can I start signing up for shows?

Yes, you can immediately start signing up for shows on line once you join. We will allow you time to send in your resume or letter of introduction and your photo, but it would be better for you to take care of everything all at once.

How long will it be before I find out if I am selected?

We try to notify you as soon as possible, usually 5 days to a week prior to the event. We sometimes are delayed due to production changes, waiting on parking information, etc. If you are making plans for travel to the host city, those arrangements are up to you as we do not guarantee that you will be accepted. However, most of our shows, we have hardly ever turned down anyone who has requested to go.

Am I allowed to bring friends to shows?

We will sometimes allow you to sign up additional people with you, however, the best way to have your friends be able to attend is to have them register themselves for the show.

Should I get there really early to get a good spot?

We ask that you arrive no earlier than 1 hour prior to the call time for the event. Just because you get there early, does not give you an advantage over someone who arrives before the cut off time. Since this is like a game of musical chairs, everyone usually moves around during the beginning of the show, so there is no urgency to arrive too early.

I got my confirmation letter and now I am guaranteed to get in right?

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in Seatfilling. We book seatfillers based on the number of empty seats that are projected by the production company. We also are filling the seats of the talent as they present and perform. Just because you are accepted does not mean that you will be guaranteed in to the show. However, based upon our shows for the past several years, we have yet to turn away anyone at the door so far.

Do I get paid to come and be a seatfiller?

No, there is no pay nor is any compensation provided for travel if you are coming from out of town. Being a seatfiller is all voluntary and all cost are at your own discretion. We do usually however take care of your parking and shuttle from long distance parking areas to the venue and back when necessary.

How can I just be a Crew Member or Talent Escort?

All of our Talent escorts and Crew Members are chosen from Seatfillers, the more shows you attend, the better chance you have of being promoted to those positions.

Can I just bring a guest if I want?

Do not bring a guest unless your letter states you may. Your guest (if not on our list) will be set in our stand by line, if there is enough space once all of our Seatfillers get in, then we will pull from the standby line.

Can I bring a Camera to the event?

No, sorry but cameras are not permitted, nor is autograph collecting. Please remember, you are being given the opportunity to attend shows that have ticket prices as high as $25,000 per ticket. You are there to do a job, and a very important job in the eyes of the production, so you should always act professional.

Can I talk with the celebrities?

Do not speak to talent unless they speak to you. Approaching the talent could cause for removal from the theater.