This Show is Now Closed and
Not Accepting Requests.

We have now filled and closed the BET Awards Live Show Mosh Pit, however, we still have an opportunity for you to participate in the 2015 BET Awards. We are once again happy to be able to let you experience a behind the scenes opportunity to attend rehearsals for the upcoming BET Awards. The BET Mosh Pit Rehearsals is a once in a lifetime chance to come and see what goes on behind the scenes as we put together one of the years biggest and baddest award shows. You will be in the mosh pit as all the performers rehearse their performance for the Live Show. You will see them like you have never seen them before and still get a chance to experience this show, but in a whole new way.

We are looking for anyone that wishes to participate in the rehearsals as the minimum age is only 16 yrs of age and you only need to be able to move around freely and quickly, without any physical limitations or the use of any assisted walking devices or wheelchairs. There are 4 days of rehearsals that we are looking for you to participate with us, those being Thursday, June 25th, Friday, June 26th, Saturday, June 27th and Sundays Dress Rehearsal, Sunday, June 28th.

You can sign up to attend every rehearsal day if you wish and you can bring up to 3 friends with you for a total of 4 people, however, for the Dress Rehearsal, you can only sign up you and 1 other guest for a total of 2 total. If you have more friends that wish to attend no worries, they will just have to open up their own account and sign up their own request. NO PHOTOS ARE REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY OF THE REHEARSALS.

The rehearsals start as early as 8am in the morning and go as long as 9 or 10pm at night. We ask that you stay as long as you can and be patient as we will accommodate everyone that signs up, but don't sign up if you are not sure you can come or not and make sure you do come as we are counting on you to be there. Please be sure to choose which day or days you wish to attend, but you have to submit a request for each rehearsal day separately.

*Note- If you were accepted to attend the BET Awards Mosh Pit -Live Show, then you WILL NOT be allowed to attend any rehearsal days as we want you to see the show for the first time the night of, so please understand this.

Here are the details for those wishing to sign up to attend any or all of the mosh pit rehearsals. Due to security, we are unable to disclose which artist will be rehearsing on which day.

When: Thursday, June 25th
            Friday, June 26th
            Saturday, June 27th
            Sunday, June 28th (Dress Rehearsal)

Min Age: 16 yrs old
Max Age: No Age Limit
Where: Los Angeles, CA
Total Allowed: Up to 4 people per request other than the Dress Rehearsal which is 2.

Check In Time: Varies by the day, but as early as 8am
(You will receive your check in time on your confirmation letter)

Dress Code: Casual Attire, come as you are (No Open Toed Shoes or flip flops allowed)
Parking: Free and provided


As the rehearsal days fill up, we will close that specific day, so get your request in quickly. What are you waiting for, sign up now to be a part of this years show and get your request in for the BET Awards Rehearsals. We cant wait to show you a good time, so get those request in now, just sign on to your account and get your request in now so you can be there. Do not sign up if you can not be there as you are only taking away an opportunity from someone else that can. Failure to show up or cancel in advance will result in your not being able to participate on shows in the future.

See you at the show,


Note: Please set your email to accept emails from, otherwise all of our correspondence will end up in your spam folder. So please be sure to check your spam folders frequently when you are waiting for confirmations from us on shows you signed up for.


Thank you



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