This Show is Now Closed and
Not Accepting Requests.


We are looking for Super Fans of the Hip Hop Artist FUTURE to attend a mini concert that will be a part of the upcoming BET Hip Hop Awards. This SUPER SECRET MINI CONCERT will take place on WEDNESDAY, OCT 7TH at a SECRET LOCATION in the ATLANTA, GEORGIA area.

We are looking for a lot of you to join us, so if you are a member of this site, and will be in the Atlanta, Georgia area next Wednesday, Oct 7th, then don't hesitate, sign on to your account now and submit your request to attend this exciting mini concert event. You will be allowed to sign up yourself as well as up to a total of 5 friends for a total of 6 to your party. If you have more than 6 that wish to come, just have them sign up for their own free account and submit their own request.

This is a TOTALLY FREE EVENT and is for Fans of Hip Hop Artist FUTURE, so come and join us for a great time.

Here Are The Details:
When:Wednesday , Oct 7th, 2015
Where: Atlanta, Georgia Area (Secret Location)
Min Age: 18 yrs of age and older
Dress Code: Concert Attire
Approx Arrival Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Parking: Not Provided, you will have to find your own parking
Total Number allowed: 6 total per request (You plus up to 5 guest)

If you are interested in attending this show, please sign on to your account and submit your request now. If you do not have an account, please feel free to sign up for one as its always free to attend any of our events. Confirmation letters will be sent out starting Monday, October 5th to those that are accepted, so do not submit more than 1 request per group and account and please, plan on being there. Any travel related expenses to get to Atlanta, Georgia will be at your own expense.

So dont just sit there, sign up now if you are available to attend, as like we said, this will be a very fun event and your chance to be a part of the BET Hip Hop Awards. so get in on all of the action and submit your request now.


Note: Please set your email to accept emails from, otherwise all of our correspondence will end up in your spam folder. So please be sure to check your spam folders frequently when you are waiting for confirmations from us on shows you signed up for.


Thank you



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